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Review of From The Roots To The Sky by The J. & F. Band, Long Song Records, 2018





Cd 1

  1. GS#2
  2. Spirits Of The Great Plains
  3. West Bufalino
  4. Dixie Chicken/Mischief
  5. Gone Too Soon
  6. Roz, See You On The Moon!

Cd 2

  1. J. & F. Duet & Quartet
  2. Super Jam

“A fantastic double CD featuring legendary Allman Brothers Band drummer JAIMOE and his long time pal, bass giant JOE FONDA, plus a selection of Italian jazz aces (Tiziano Tononi, Alberto Mandarini, Gianluigi Paganelli, Beppe Caruso) and Finnish/American guitar master Raoul Björkenheim, and some other guests. A massive effort that covers a fantastic spectrum of creative music: soulful jazzy ballads and instrumentals, Southern funk rock covers, complex avant jazz rock pieces, extended improvised jams and more.”


The legend. The pure legend. Here’s what the Allman Brothers Band were. The true legend of an infinite and perfect performance for intensity and desire. What could be more desirable to recreate that legend, even if only for a moment, just for a record? Long Song Records has tried to revive the legend, with a record that doesn’t even try to parody the Allman’s music. No embarrassing covers. No faded photocopies. Read the list of musicians involved here:

Joe Fonda: bass, vocals
Jaimoe: drums and percussion
Tiziano Tononi: drums & percussion
Raoul Björkenheim: guitar, backing vocals
Beppe Caruso: trombone
Alberto Mandarini: trumpet
Gianluigi Paganelli: tuba

Special guests:

Daniele Cavallanti: tenor sax (West Bufalino)
Fabio Treves: harmonica (Roz, See You On The Moon!)
Antonio Zambrini: Fender Rhodes (Super Jam)
Pacho: percussion (Super Jam)
Bruce P.Reese: ghost guitar (Gone Too Soon; Super Jam)


of the original band there is only the great Jay “Jaimoe” Johannson. Around him a crowd of Italian and international guests including the excellent Raoul Björkenheim to the guitars. Gregg Allman died in 2017. He has the hard duty of following his deeds. The result, as we said, is not a record that copies the old band. Nobody could take their place. What Long Song Records tried to recreate here was a mood, an atmosphere, and it did so by paying homage to the Allman without parodying them. The role that belonged to the guitars here was given to a solid and creative brass section. Forget the Southern Rock, a genre that is far too parodied and neglected, here you can breathe true music, the funk and the avant-garde rock are combined with jazz and blues in a tested and well balanced mix. Ballads flow, Björkenheim’s guitar opens a gap in the brass players’ wall, “Jaimoe” and his partner Joe Fonda create a flexible and robust rhythm section. “From The Roots To The Sky” is a breathtaking double CD, where genres mix with each other amiably and where none of the musicians present here takes a dominat role. All sound are concentrated, precise, no one stands out, nobody takes a wrong step, the production is perfect, the work in the studio is exemplary. The result is a masterpiece. Somewhere up there the Allman brothers are enjoying it.