#Review of Codice a Barre by Oronzo Persano and Andrea Epifani, L’Arca del Blues, 2015 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of Codice a Barre by Oronzo Persano and Andrea Epifani, L’Arca del Blues, 2015

Suspension. I think this is the best word to define the music played in this cd “Codice a Barre”, released in 2015 for the italian label L’Arca del Blues and played by the young and promising guitarist Andrea Epifani.
It’s not the first time that the (musical) paths of the italian and Salentian composer Oronzo Persano meet the (digital) walks of Blog Chitarra e Dintorni, it already happened with the CD “Ero alle Porte Dell’Est. Forse” and in our previous meeting I had been deeply impressed by Maestro Persano’s musical language, I talked about his “personal metaphysical” that I find  again in this new job.
Persano’s musics have a very personal ability to create and maintain an original suspension, it seems that it’s almost not affected by the force of gravity or the physical boundaries of space and time: the sounds that go in and out of his songs seem to maintain a sustain that doesn’t belong to the classical instrument, tricking the listener’s ear.
Persano delves deeply exploiting and bringing to the limit the timbre’s possibilities of our favourite instrument defining a reflective music, quiet, intense and at the same time frozen in the moment of its execution: his sound has a strong spatial component that knows how to occupy both the physical space delimited by the human ear that no-space of our mind and our thoughts.
A great job. My compliments to the young Andrea Epifani. Please again, thank you.

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