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Review of Continuidad y deformacion by Antonio Amodeo, TYXart, 2018




Simon Rodriguez Porras (*1981) Sobre un canto de Pìlon (08:53)

Josè Vitores (*1962) Toccata e canzone for solo guitar (03:52)

Eduardo Flores Abad (*1960)
Continuidad y deformación (06:06)
Pasillo de propuesta (02:57)

Mario Gomez Vignes (*1934) 6×1 en 6 (06:11)

Alberto Chicayban (*1950) Grande sertão (04:52)

Guido Santorsola (1904–1994) Sonata n.3
Amabile (06:27)
Scherzo (03:19)
Lento (06:49)
Finale (03:59)

I don’t know why but there is always someone who complains about the lack of classical guitar repertoire.


Yes, I understand, dear friends, Mozart has never composed for classical guitar or even Beethoven, but neither we should think about it as a tragedy, and stop complaining. Instead of continuing to complain and propose and re-propose a musical offer that is well known and performed, perhaps it would be appropriate to explore new territories and possibilities. Antonio Amodeo has evidently decided to follow this path realizing in 2018 this interesting cd dedicated to a completely new repertoire. The idea behind this “Continuidad y deformacion” is to explore the contemporary repertoire made in Latin America. A little known and valued repertoire. It’s true that we live in the age of globalization, but the contemporary music sector for classical guitar doesn’t seem to be able to rely on distribution channels available to indie-rock music or avant-garde jazz. So, although in Latin America and South America there are excellent composers and performers, it’s not easy to buy their CDs and therefore be able to listen to their music. But back to this record. We have six composers, but I only know the name of Guido Santorsola, even though I had never listened to his “Sonata nro.3”, for the others I note with pleasure that they are still all living and that Simon Rodriguez Porras is from 1981. All the music, with the exception of “6×1 en 6” by Mario Gomez Vignes are world premier recordings, so here we have the rare opportunity and the pleasure of listening to new and unfortunately little-known music. Yes unfortunately. Because this is a great CD, the music is all interesting and well performed. I think that Antonio Amodeo did a great job of research and interpretation in order to present them in their best guise, a work based on painstaking precision and an exalting care and research of sound and timbre. That’s why I love contemporary music, I never get tired, unlike the now consolidated classical repertoire. Records like this make the difference.