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Review of “Sõnastik” by Weekend Guitar Trio, Bella Musica, 1995


What is the Weekend Guitar Trio? Mystery. I know very little about them. Formed in 1993 by the three Estonian guitarists Robert Jürjendal, Tōnis Leemets and Mart Soo, this Trio has always worked at a very interesting level, combining different genres such as jazz, contemporary music and pop / rock, in a truly unique way in its genre, expecially in Europe.


This record, “Sõnastik” of 1995, is a small masterpiece and after almost 24 years it still sounds great, energetic and interesting. This musical freshness I believe is due to some implicit choices that govern the destiny of this trio since 1993: first of all this trio is a true musical collective and not a group of three soloists who play simply by exchanging parts. No divas, but three honest professionals at the service of music. Interplay is perfect, simply mathematical, it reaches the counterpoint without problems with a music that is a sophisticated and complex mix of balances. Nothing is out of place, yet even listening to this record over and over again you never stop discovering new details. It’s never boring. One never has the feeling of having already listen to it. The music is neither too complicated nor complex. The Weekend Guitar Trio is not ashamed of using captivating and complex rhythmic melodies, the three guitarists are all three technically flawless and nothing is wrong. Sometimes it’s also difficult to understand how many guitarists are really playing, since the steps are frequent and never emerges a soloist. Really a pity that they are so little known, I repeat: this record is a small masterpiece!

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