Masayuky Takayanagi is on air on GuitarS Speak #radio #program on KOWS Community Radio today May 5 2019 1-2 PM Pacific Time


“Coming up next on KOWS Community Radio, it’s “GuitarS Speak” with me, Andrea Aguzzi, presenting an hour of unique and exploratory guitar music. Stay tuned for the unusual sounds. It’s time for GuitarS Speak!”

Me and my radio program GuitarS Speak  will be “on air” today on KOWS Community Radio at 1-2 PM Pacific Time, 4 PM East Time, 10 PM Italian Time with the music of the great Japanise guitar player Masayuky Takayanagi! The PLAYLIST for today!

  1. “Invitation to “Corn-Pipe” Dance” by Togashi Masahiko Quartet from their record “We Now Create, Victor Entertainment, 1969”
  2. “Lonely Woman” from the cd “Lonely Woman, Three Blind Mice, 1982”
  3. “Variation III” from the cd “Three Improvised Variations On A Theme Of Qadhafi, Jinya Disc, 2002”
  4. “Lennie’s Pennies” from the cd “Lonely Woman Live, Jinya Disc, 2006”
  5. “Kary’s Trance” from the cd “Guitar Solo, Jinya Disc, 2011”
  6. “Slow #1-SummerTime” from the cd “Guitar Solo, Jinya Disc, 2016”

GuitarS Speak is the radio show of Neuguitars Blog and it’s devoted to contemporary, avant-garde and experimental music for guitar.

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