The first flight of Oren Fader, First Flight, Oren Fader, cdbaby, 2004 on #neuguitars #blog


It really seems that no one can get bored in the field of contemporary music for guitar. If in fact some classical players continue today to complain about the limitations of their classical repertoire in comparison to other instruments like violin, piano, etc., or even worse, or we have to listen to the musings of those who assume or dreams that “Ah … what if Beethoven had written a piece for classic guitar… “, in contemporary music’s sectors instead we can easily find people who is looking for new opportunities, trying new roads, stimulating new ideas, writing new compositions, in a few words pushing the borders a little bit more distant. And if we move in the US we can see that many classical interpreters have adopted self production and promotion criterias that have long been used in other musical genres. This excellent First Flight of the American guitarist Oren Fader,fits perfectly in this context: this CD dates back to 2004, it’s strictly self-produced and easily available on cdbaby. The repertoire played is of excellent quality and effectively testifies not only as the classical guitar is in the center of contemporary composers’ attention, but also the remarkable musical quality expressed by composers who gravitate to New York.


Virtually all of the tracks were made by US or foreign composers but with residence in the Big Apple. Fader is definitely a musician with a solid experience, as testified on hi s curriculum on, and has to his credit the premiere of over 200 new scores. Honestly I don’t think I can recommend you a score rather than another one, this CD shows no weaknesses and what I like most is the general sense of “musical cosmopolitanism” that permeates it, together with the kaleidoscope of colors and shades ranging from “bumpy” Homage to Braque by Eva Wiener, the schizophrenic Chimera by Brian Coughlin, the catharsis of Rapsodie sur un theme of Olivier Messiaen by Pedro da Silva, the mathematician 14 * 3 * 1 by Kristin Elizabeth Hevner, to Against My Will No Leaf Will Fall by Ben Jackle inspired by the poem “The Joy of Wristing” by Wislawa Szymborska, the musical haiku Izumi 1 by Shoko Suzuchi, Taoism expressed in Scivias by William Anderson, the Prince by Gal Ziv, Praise Guitar award at Corfu Festival in 2003, the two songs the Little Beastliness by Jennifer Griffith and the “airy” First Flight by Marco Oppedisano that gives the title to this cd.


A widespread musical chromaticism that it’s well represented in the painting on the cd’s cover, Sounding made by David Tobey.

1. Gal Ziv The Prince

2. Jennifer Griffith A Little Beastliness: Camel

3. Jennifer Griffith A Little Beastliness: Frogs

4. Marco Oppedisano Primo Volo

5. William Anderson Scivias 1.

6. William Anderson Scivias 2.

7. Eva Wiener Homage to Braque

8. Brian Coughlin Chimera

9. Shoko Suzuki Izumi 1

10. Kristin Elizabeth Hevner 14*3*1

11. Ben Jackle Agains My Will No Leaf Will Fall

12. Pedro da Silva Rapsodie sur un Thème d’Olivier Messiaen