A Tribute to Cornelius Cardew, music for guitar #playlist on #neuguitars #blog

Cornelius Cardew (1936 – 1981)  Material played by Leo Brouwer

Cornelius Cardew’s “Piece for Guitar (for Stella)”, composed in 1961 and performed here by Alan Thomas. Like Stockhausen’s Piano Piece XI, the score consists of a number of fragments that the player assembles in performance (given the instruction “Play with these pieces. Over & Over. Change anything. Add & Take away.”).

Performed by Brandon Conway (guitar), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Lorna Krier (piano), Catherine Lee (English horn), John C. Savage (flute), and Shao Way Wu (double bass) at the Extradition Series in Portland, Oregon, USA, October 20, 2018.

Originally written to be performed by musicians associated with the improvising ensemble AMM, “The Tiger’s Mind” is set up in the form of two single-paragraph dramas (a “Daypiece” and a “Nightpiece,” intended for alternating performances), each featuring six characters: the Tiger, Amy, the Tree, the Wind, the Mind, and the Circle. One performer is assigned to each role, which Cardew further explicates in a guidance document that discusses character traits and each character’s relationships with the others. In performance, players use the actions and interactions described in the text, informed by the character traits and relationships described in the guidance (and expanded by their own reactions to embodying the role), to guide and shape both their individual improvisations and the whole-group piece.

Take Up the Fight

Laurie Baker – Voice and bass guitar
John Marcangelo – Keyboards
Geoff Pearce – Electric Guitar
Keith Rowe – Electric Guitar
Pip Pyle – Drums
Dave Smith – French Horn
Cornelius Cardew – Electric piano
Hugh Shrapnel – Backing Vocal
Vicky Silva – Backing Vocal
Cornelius Cardew – Voice
Keith Rowe – Guitar
Alec Hill – Bass Clarinet

Formanex lay Treatise from Cornelius Cardew, recorded in 2002 in Nantes.

Anthony Taillard – guitar, electronics
Julien Ottavi, percussion, electronics
Christophe Havard, saxophone, electronics
Manu Ledeuc, guitar, electronics
+ extra guest Laurent Dailleau, Theremin, Electronics