Tusk Festival 2015 — Rhys Chatham, Oren Ambarchi and Sam Shalabi on #neuguitars #blog

Three incredible musicians with so many different approaches individually that the possible routes their first-time musical union could take us down must surely be approaching infinite. Oren Ambarchi appeared at TUSK 2013, both solo and in another first-time trio with Mick Flower and Neil Campbell; he played drums, guitar and electronics, even forced us to search out the North East’s only supplier of Lesley speakers, and he was just sublime throughout. As we’ve said before though, its when Oren is drumming that he causes most excitement on the TUSK turntable – his spartan yet utterly essential approach really makes those records with Haino and O’Malley the glories that they are, grinding rhythm down to absolute necessity and nothing more. The multiplied impact of seeing it live and close up only added to the pleasure. So yes, we had to demand that Oren played drums in this trio.

As for Chatham and Shalabi, an array of possible tools and influences from Canadian post-rock to Egyptian shaabi, New York No Wave, squelching electronics, endless repetition, anything and everything really is possible.