Day 1- Rehearsals’ Session for the new album SOLAR WINDS by guitar ace Raoul Björkenheim, Long Song Records on #neuguitars #blog

Neuguitars blog is very proud to exclusively show you the Rehearsals’ Session of the new album SOLAR WINDS by avangarde jazz guitarist Raoul Björkenheim, released February 11, 2020 by Italian Indipendent label Long Song Records.

Avant jazz and rock guitar ace Raoul Björkenheim pays tribute to his musical hero and paragon John Coltrane, with this new work comprising five covers and two originals. SOLAR WINDS shines with passion, warmth, and energy in its purest form, in an innovative and unusual guitar/violin/bass and drums quartet. All the Italian musicians demonstrate experience of the highest caliber, joining Raoul on this album for a collective song of praise dedicated to the immense heritage of John William Coltrane: musician, illuminated human being, and inspiration for all. This visionary music sees Björkenheim delivering his own sheets of sound with layers of highly electric fretwork reminescent of the best guitar jazz and rock, looking at the past and the future simultaneously. The musicians supporting him in this project literally send his guitar and the music into space.

releases February 11, 2020 by Italian Indipendent label Long Song Records

Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar
Silvia Bolognesi: contrabass
Tiziano Tononi: drums, percussion, gong
Emanuele Parrini: violin

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