Talking About Records: Aleksandr Tsiboulski, Australian Guitar Music, 2010, Naxos Records on Neuguitars Youtube Channel

Aleksandr Tsiboulski plays music composed by Australian composers: Ross Edwards, Phillip Houghton, Peter Sculthorpe, Graeme Koehne and Brett Dean.

1-2 Blackwattle Caprices (Ross Edwards)
3-6 Stele (Phillip Houghton)
7-10 From Kakadu (Peter Sculthorpe)
11-13 Guitar Dances (Ross Edwards, arr. A. Walter for guitar)
14. A Closed World of Fine Feelings and Grand Design (Graeme Koehne)
15-17 3 Caprichos after Goya (Brett Dean)
18. Into the Dreaming (Peter Sculthorpe)
19. Djilile (Peter Sculthorpe, arr. S. Wingfield for guitar)

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