Markus Reuter & Tim Motzer – Space is the Place- Live at Studio A, Philadelphia, PA, USA, October 6 2013 on #neuguitars #blog

Live at Studio A, Philadelphia, PA, USA, October 6 2013
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The 16th edition of 1k Sessions features Dejha Ti’s handmade typographical set design ‘Space is the Place’—invoking Sun Ra’s famous mantra. The phrase is recontextualized for spacious music in a vast space. Dejha Ti doubles as the film director, outfitting the shoot with a 35 foot crane and 15 foot dolly to take advantage of the dimensional qualities and diverse compositional framings the set design affords.

The performance begins as German touch guitarist, Markus Reuter, and Philadelphian guitarist, Tim Motzer, engage in evocative solo soundscapes that move into their stratospheric duo performance.

1k Sessions is an online live music video series, transforming the localized studio space into an international performance venue. 1k Sessions, edition 16, was recorded and directed live, Sunday, October 6, 2013, from Philadelphia’s Studio A Soundstage. The video was released for viewing later that month. The original running time is 1:27:00 (H:MM:SS).

Musicians: Tim Motzer (Guitars & Electronics) & Markus Reuter (Touch Guitar & Electronics)
Director, Art Director, Designer & Post-production: Dejha Ti
Producers: Tim Motzer & Dejha Ti
Music Curator: Tim Motzer
Director of Photography, Gaffer & Key Grip: Ahing Huang
Crane Operator: Roger Tomes
Crane Grip: Richard Haigler
Dolly Grip & Fog Operator: Jake Varrone
Onsite Architect: Doug Grainge
Set Fabricators: Kipp Jarden, Doug Grainge, Jake Varrone, Ahing Huang, Dejha Ti
Audio Engineer: Tim Motzer
Audio Mix & Mastering: Markus Reuter