Dagger Moth plays her silk: Silk around the marrow by Dagger Moth (Sara Ardizzoni) Audioglobe, 2016 on #neuguitars #blog #DaggerMoth


Dagger Moth plays her silk: Silk around the marrow by Dagger Moth (Sara Ardizzoni) Audioglobe, 2016



Listening to a record is less trivial thing than it might seem. I don’t use spotify, I don’t listen to mp3 on my smartphone. I want the records, CD or LP, better the CD. And I listen to it on a decent rig. Usually at the end of a working day. And I listen to it until I’m satisfied. Because this is the pleasure of listening, not the music used as a background, as a soundtrack to distract yourself from everyday life that passes through the windows of a bus, but I want an intense and intentional listening. This record is no exception.

Dagger Moth is the solitary project of the Italian guitar player Sara Ardizzoni: electric guitar, voice and electronics, loops, noise and melodies that play to balance each other elegantly keeping everything in suspension between chaos and structure.

Dagger Moth, the American moth, the nocturnal butterfly, which knows how to charm and wrap you up with an intriguing sound that is based precisely on a skilful balance of different styles: post-rock, trip-hop, distorted guitars, a dark and immersive sound, singing melodies looped with millimeter precision, a voice that sings in a confidential and whispered mood, confusing the words.


Sara Ardizzoni is skilled and smart. What looks like a sound with a simple and spontaneous construction, instead hides a painstaking work of research and surgical precision. Sara leaves nothing to chance. The whole record is a game of joints and mirrors which, reflecting, generate a sound space wider than it really is. A sound that bewitches gently, caresses and cuddles and then leaves its mark under the skin. “Silk around the marrow” is a perfect exercise in style and aesthetics. The guitar is used here in an unconventional way, favoring a blues material where the lesson of Marc Ribot is carefully assimilated and re-proposed in a personal and non-imitative way. Moths are mimetic insects, they take advantage of darkness and shadows to escape predators. Dagger Moth has learned this lesson very well.