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Covid-19 is dangerously impacting the social-economic category of musicians. No concerts, poor political and social consideration, uncertain earnings. As a consequence, an ever-growing number of musicians, especially those from the experimental area, are trying to promote their music on BandCamp in digital format only. It is increasingly difficult for me to follow and review this incredible flow of music. I therefore decided to open this section on my blog Neuguitars where I propose music in digital format that I consider particularly interesting and worthy of attention. I hope you like it. Let’s support musicians. They need it.

Andrea Aguzzi


Fuzzy Logic by Olaf Rupp, Audiosemantics 2020

For a long time I haven’t made an album that doesn’t fit anywhere like this one. FUZZY LOGIC was created in spring 2018 during the four-week preparation phase for two solo concerts as opener for Michael Gira at the Volksbühne in Berlin and at Kampnagel Hamburg. Making recordings has always been a good way for me to prepare for bigger, important concerts. In this case it was especially important to me to avoid the stylistic constraints between free jazz and the so-called “improvised music close to new music”. But I also didn’t want to abandon myself completely to the modal melancholy that has always fascinated me so much about the masterful power of Michael Gira’s guitar riffs since I heard the Swans live in a small hall in the dystopian ruins of the Saarland steel industry when I was twenty years old. The confrontation with these three poles of influence during the rehearsal phases for the concerts drew me into a very exciting and productive no man’s land. I knew even then that this music will be ripped apart by many: the jazzers will say “that’s just distorted noise”, the Echtzeitmusik-people will once again nag at all those minor chords and the indie rock fans will shake their heads in vain looking for the beat. But unrootedness is also a power, a gift, a way.


released March 17, 2020

played, recorded, mixed and mastered and cover artwork by Olaf Rupp