Sunday Neuguitars Playlist #14 “Ava Mendoza”

Sunday Neuguitars Playlist #14 “Ava Mendoza”

AVA MENDOZA is a Brooklyn-based guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer. Her guitar work has received acclaim for its technique and viscerality. She is best known as leader of experimental rock band Unnatural Ways, and as a solo performer on guitar/voice. Performing/recording credits include work with Carla Bozulich, Fred Frith, Malcolm Mooney, Mike Watt, Nels Cline, John Zorn, and Negativland.

Music | Ava Mendoza (

The Tennessee Waltz, from the record “Shadow Stories”

Quit Your Unnatural Ways, from the record “Quit Your Unnatural Ways by Ava Mendoza & Nick Tamburro”

Blown Out, from the record “JUS by Jacob Lindsay/Ava Mendoza/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter”

They’ll Get You In Your Dreams (Goodnight Irene), from the record “Unnatural Ways by Ava Mendoza’s UNNATURAL WAYS”

Motor Unwind #1​-​Riding On Your Heels, Riding At Your Side, from the record “Ivory Tower by Ava Mendoza”

I: from the record “Ava Mendoza / Maxime Petit / Will Guthrie by Ava Mendoza / Maxime Petit / Will Guthrie”

Maska, from the record “Chaser by Chaser”

The Runaway Song, from the record “The Paranoia Party by Ava Mendoza’s UNNATURAL WAYS”

AMPULEX COMPRESSA, from the record “perf. Ava Mendoza, comp. Trevor Dunn”

Art Matters I, from the record “WITH OTHER MEDIA: Music for Film and Broadcast by Ava Mendoza”