Sunday Neuguitars Playlist #20 “Jeff Parker”

Sunday Neuguitars Playlist #20 “Jeff Parker”

Best known as a multi-instrumental member of Tortoise and a pillar of the Chicago jazz and experimental music scene, Jeff Parker has been incomparably prolific over the last 20+ years while merely producing 5 albums as a “lead artist”, his distinctive guitar sound has been essential to every project he’s been part of.

Executive Life from The New Breed by Jeff Parker

Here Comes Ezra from The New Breed by Jeff Parker

Sea Change from The Relatives by Jeff Parker

Toy Boat from The Relatives by Jeff Parker

Slight Freedom from Slight Freedom by Jeff Parker

Why Not Patterns? (for Jeff Parker) from Electric Guitar by Boxhead Ensemble

Dewey Square from Fanatics by Matt Mayhall, Jeff Parker & Chris Speed

Fusion Swirl from Suite for Max Brown by Jeff Parker

Go Away from Suite for Max Brown by Jeff Parker

with Jeff Parker from In the Context Of by Mike Reed with Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker & Jim Baker