Rocking The Boat (Vol. 1 of The Fred Records Story, 2001​-​2020) by Fred Frith, Bandcamp, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

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Covid-19 is dangerously impacting the social-economic category of musicians. No concerts, poor political and social consideration, uncertain earnings. As a consequence, an ever-growing number of musicians, especially those from the experimental area, are trying to promote their music on BandCamp in digital format only. It is increasingly difficult for me to follow and review this incredible flow of music. I therefore decided to open this section on my blog Neuguitars where I propose music in digital format that I consider particularly interesting and worthy of attention. I hope you like it. Let’s support musicians. They need it.

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Jeremy Webster “Fred” Frith (born 17 February 1949) is an English multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improvisor.

Probably best known for his guitar work, Frith first came to attention as one of the founding members of the English avant-rock group Henry Cow. He was also a member of the groups Art Bears, Massacre, and Skeleton Crew. He has collaborated with a number of prominent musicians, including Robert Wyatt, Derek Bailey, the Residents, Lol Coxhill, John Zorn, Brian Eno, Mike Patton, Lars Hollmer, Bill Laswell, Iva Bittová, Jad Fair, Kramer, the ARTE Quartett, and Bob Ostertag. He has also composed several long works, including Traffic Continues (1996, performed 1998 by Frith and Ensemble Modern) and Freedom in Fragments (1993, performed 1999 by Rova Saxophone Quartet). Frith produces most of his own music, and has also produced many albums by other musicians, including Curlew, the Muffins, Etron Fou Leloublan, and Orthotonics.

FRED FRITH – offical website. songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and an improviser performing mostly on various permutations of the electric and acoustic guitar.

Rocking The Boat (Vol. 1 of The Fred Records Story, 2001​-​2020) by Fred Frith, Bandcamp, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

Rocking The Boat (Vol. 1 of The Fred Records Story, 2001-2020) | Fred Frith (

FRITH, FRED: Rocking The Boat (Volume 1 of The Fred Records Story)
Volume 1 of the 3 box volume, The Fred Records Story.

First of a three box collection by one of the most innovative guitarists and composers of his generation, containing eight ReR CDs, a bonus Fred title and a fat historic booklet with artwork, photographs, extensive notes and other comments by Fred, all packed into in a sturdy box – and at a budget price. Box I Contains: The legendary Guitar Solos, Gravity (with Etron Fou Leloublan and Samla Mammas Manna), Cheap at Half the Price, Killing Time (with Bill Laswell and Fred Maher), Impur (for very large ensemble), Middle of the Moment (film score), Keep the Dog (dbl CD feat: Rene Lussier, Bob Ostertag, Zeena Parkins, Jean Derome and Charles Hayward). Plus the bonus CD Dropera.

Biographical: Recipient of Italy’s Demetrio Stratos Prize for his life’s work in experimental music and Professor Emeritus at the legendary epicentre of American experimental music, Mills College in Oakland, California, Fred still teaches in the improvisation master’s program at the Musik Akademie in Basel and as visiting faculty in the Universidad Austral in Valdivia, Chile, where he has been collaborating on the creation of a new School of Music and Sound Art.

Vol. 1. Rocking the Boat (9 CDs, large booklet)
Guitar Solos
Cheap at Half the Price
Killing Time
Middle of the Moment
Keep the Dog (Double CD)

Dropera (not available separately)


released March 1, 2021

Also appearing: Lars Hollmer, Marc Hollander, Hans Bruniusson, Eino Haapala, Olivia Bruynhooghe, Chris Cutler, Tina Curran, Catherine Jauniaux, Frank Wuyts, Michel Berkmans, Etienne Conod, Denis van Hecke, Veronique Vincent, Asha Curran Frith, the 13th Street Puerto Rican Summertime Band, Fred Maher, Bill Laswell, Paul Sears, Jean Derome, Charles Hayward, Rene Lussier, Bob Ostertag, Zeena Parkins, Ferdinand Richard, Tim Hodgkinson, Fabrizio Appelius, Mikaela Dietl, Robert Lax, Sandra M’Bow, Ida man walatAkhmudan, Tshanak ag Abalbal, women from the Kel lforas tribe,Josefina Lehmann.Johann le Guillerm, Bertrand Duval, Attila Zombori,Jean-Paul Lefeuvre, Hyacinthe Reisch, Emmanuelle Jacqueline, Didier A, Nasser Sai”dani, Catherine Guinamard, Ensemble heteroclite, David Wood, Pascal Pariaud, Sophie Dufeutrelle, Laure Michel, Catherine Leuchter, Fatiha Sema”il, Joel Jorda, Laurent Vichard, Samuel Chagnard, Stephane Lambert, Laurent Frick, Patrick Charbonnier, Alain Chaleard, Claire Mollard, Stephane Grosjean, Gilles Laval, Ghilem Lacroux, Bader Gharzouli, Franklin Riboud, Guillaume Ouemener & others.
Cover photo: Heike Liss