Daniel Bachman “Axacan” release performance (2021, Three Lobed Recordings) on #neuguitars #blog

Filmed over the course of an evening at sundown in/around Bachman’s home in the hills of Virginia, the “Axacan” release performance is a captivating exercise of restraint, patience and the ability to commune with a performer’s environment. Starting at sunset and ending with Bachman playing in pure darkness apart from the light of a few candles, this performance is one you won’t forget anytime soon. Filmed by Aldona Dye in 2021. Edited by Daniel Bachman and Aldona Dye. Setlist: 1. Song for the Setting Sun IV 2. The Flower Tree 3. Year of the Rat 4. Blue Ocean 0 5. Year of the Rat (reprise) 6. Coronach

Many thanks for Teho Teardo for showing me this video!