CROSS-FADING: Zöllner Roche Duo & Carlo Siega | DARMSTADT SUMMER COURSE 2021

Rebecca Saunders: Metal Bottle Necks (2018) – 4′

Julien Malaussena: De toucher de lignes (2021), Uraufführung – 7’

Giulia Monducci: Shinryoku (2021), Uraufführung – 5′

Mattia Clera: La sola distanza (2015/2019) – 17’

Carlo Siega (Electric Guitar)

Johan Svensson: double dubbing (firefly song) (2020) – 10’

Elnaz Seyedi: Nach neuen Meeren (2018) – 9’

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: asinglewordisnotenough4 (tausch/exchange/barter) (2015) – 15’

Zöllner-Roche-Duo: Heather Roche (Clarinet)

Eva Zöllner (Accordion)

Cross-fading with diverse sound worlds: the Italian guitarist Carlo Siega (winner of the Kranichstein Music Prize in 2018) undertakes an exploration of the sonorous possibilities of the electric guitar with the aid of solo works from the past few years. From the extensive use of the plectrum in a work by Mattia Clera to the multiple utilization of rubber bands in Elena Rykova’s Know-how to skyrocket your Stratocaster and zigzag to Callisto: there is an immense potential and a sheer endless cosmos of sound through merely minimal extensions of the instrument. Different facets of tonal cross-fading play an equally dominant role in three pieces presented by Eva Zöllner (accordion) und Heather Roche (clarinet) – incidentally all specially commissioned for the duo – to the exploration of the ideal interplay between these two ‘wind instruments’: chamber music in its most miniature dimensions, only extended by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay’s live electronics and the small light robots in the work by Johan Svensson