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The good Sarah is in the Lodge, and she can’t leave. Write it in your diary. Download available at…

“Red Room Remix” is based on Sarah Lipstate’s cover of “Falling” written by Angelo Badalamenti. Guitar arrangement by Arrigo Martelli. Video directed by ɥʇᴉɟɟᴉɹꓨ ǝɓɹoǝꓨ Set provided by uosʇʇɐW uosɐſ Special thanks to Jason Mattson, Shelley and Wyatt, John Foster, and George Griffith

Gear used: @Fender American Professional Series Jazzmaster MXR Clone Looper Demedash Effects T-120 Deluxe V2 @walrusaudioeffects R1 Reverb Follow on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: