SACRED & PROFANE by GUTPUPPET – Bill Barrett, Scot Ray, Bandcamp, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

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Covid-19 is dangerously impacting the social-economic category of musicians. No concerts, poor political and social consideration, uncertain earnings. As a consequence, an ever-growing number of musicians, especially those from the experimental area, are trying to promote their music on BandCamp in digital format only. It is increasingly difficult for me to follow and review this incredible flow of music. I therefore decided to open this section on my blog Neuguitars where I propose music in digital format that I consider particularly interesting and worthy of attention. I hope you like it. Let’s support musicians. They need it.

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SACRED & PROFANE by GUTPUPPET – Bill Barrett, Scot Ray, Bandcamp, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

▶︎ SACRED & PROFANE | GUTPUPPET – Bill Barrett, Scot Ray | Scot Ray (

Bill Barrett – Chromatic Harmonica
Scot Ray – Slide Guitars : Dobro, Chaturangui, Tricone, 12s

Sacred and profane explorations in pitch and pocket. Hoo dawg.

Long arcs. The inception of Gutpuppet was in the early part of the millenium when I seriously started the morph from trombone to slide guitar. Bill and I had already been doing some playing together, predominantly in a compositional project of his entitled Circle Of Willis that orchestrated modal improvisations through the experimental trio of harmonica and trombone, with Wayne Peet on piano.

Shortly after that recording Gutpuppet began as a hang – to explore modes and metaphors, tilt the guitar harmonica platform, along with a gin and tonic – and ended up becoming years and now decades of a way to consider sonic ideas in an acoustic duo setting. Between 2003 and 2010 we released five recordings most of which were recorded in the dead of winter in a barn in Montana.

During that time we also trekked some tours up and down the west coast, along with a handful of gigs in France and Belgium centered around the Harmonica Sur Cher Festival in Saint-Aignan, thanks in part to the fiber-optic help of Benoit Felton.


released September 18, 2021