Slow Arrow by Giannis Arapis, Vilhelm Bromander, Vangelis Dimos, Ramble Records, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

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Covid-19 is dangerously impacting the social-economic category of musicians. No concerts, poor political and social consideration, uncertain earnings. As a consequence, an ever-growing number of musicians, especially those from the experimental area, are trying to promote their music on BandCamp in digital format only. It is increasingly difficult for me to follow and review this incredible flow of music. I therefore decided to open this section on my blog Neuguitars where I propose music in digital format that I consider particularly interesting and worthy of attention. I hope you like it. Let’s support musicians. They need it.

Andrea Aguzzi

Slow Arrow by Giannis Arapis, Vilhelm Bromander, Vangelis Dimos, Ramble Records, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

▶︎ Slow Arrow | Giannis Arapis, Vilhelm Bromander, Vangelis Dimos | Ramble Records (

The tracks on this session were recorded on this specific order: 2,3,1 but you can listen to it in whatever way you want. Our favourite way is the one that is shown here, thank you Julio Cortazar.

Giannis Arapis (1994) is a guitarist based in Athens, Greece who performs, composes and improvises experimental rock and jazz music. His main purpose is to help establish the electric guitar as a melodic voice in avant-garde music, thus showing how you can create chaos with melodic phrases. Some of his main influences are the first free jazz saxophonists, as well as classical composers such as Bella Bartok and Shostakovich.

He has played and recorded with Noël Akchoté, Mats Gustafsson, Eva Lindal, Johan Berthling among others.

 Some of his notable groups in noise rock and free jazz are Mammock and Ramdat.

Vilhelm Bromander (1988) is a Swedish bass player, improviser and composer based in Stockholm. He embraces his bass from many different angles, with a great curiosity in sound, texture, intonation and timbre. Often he directs his focus to acoustic details such as beating, common partials and difference tones – to hear what happens with our perception when we allow ourselves to be immersed in sound for a longer stretch of time. He draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as improvised music, free jazz and electronic music as well as his studies of just intonation and dhrupad. As an improviser he has played with musicians like Axel Dörner, Tisha Mukarji, Michael Thieke, Sten Sandell, Christer Bothén, Katt Hernandez, Lisa Ullén, Henrik Olsson to name a few. Also being a popular session, he has played with Daniel Johnston, Saigon, Musette, Joe Davolaz, Josefin öhrn + the liberation, the tiny & music is the weapon, among others.

Vangelis Dimos (1988) is a drummer from Greece, heavily involved in the punk/hardcore scene in Athens. Holding numerous bands and projects through the years, he has toured multiple times in Europe playing in different DIY festivals. Some of his main acts are Chain Cult, Feral Kids, Lifewreck, Αρχή του Τέλους (Beginning of the end) and Junkheart.

In 2016 he got into the improvisational scene through creating the group Ramdat. Since then, they have released four albums. His goal in free improvisation is to compose and create music structures and motifs in the moment. 


released September 29, 2021

Giannis Arapis: electric guitar

Vilhelm Bromander: double bass

Vangelis Dimos: drums

Recorded by Anton Toorell at Mälarhöjden Social Club in Stockholm, Sweden, March 2020.

Mixed and mastered by Giorgos Christoforidis at Ignite Studio in Athens, Greece.

Art cover by Alen Grassi, “The workers”.