Sandy Ewen & Stephen Gauci – prepared guitar/sax duo – at Bushwick Improvised – Nov 15 2021, #video by Don Mount on #neuguitars #blog

Sandy Ewen is an experimental guitarist, artist and architect based in Brooklyn NY, Ewen’s guitar playing playing is centered around found objects and extended techniques. She performs solo and in many diverse musical and multi-media collaborations. Ongoing projects include duo with a Damon Smith, an all-female large ensemble, the trio Etched in the Eye, and a duo with Tom Carter called Spiderwebs.

Stephen Gauci is recognized as one of the most strikingly original saxophonists on the New York City improvised music scene. Stricken by a childhood illness that has left him with a profound hearing loss, Gauci was drawn to the clear, deep, tone of the tenor saxophone. This was the first step in a lifelong relationship with, and investigation of tone, timbre, and especially.. voice. The nature of Gauci’s hearing loss are that outer sounds require of him the utmost level of concentration and focus. The flip side, however, is that inner sounds,  and the inner voice, are magnified… crystal clear and singing. The intense outward focus developed as a result of Gauci’s hearing impairment has been turned inward like a laser to illuminate, and manifest,  the inner voice.

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