Marateck plays live at Roulette, 4/7/2016 #video #playlist on #neuguitars #blog

The Marateck physically strong, moves rapidly, momentum is powerful, is one of the most has the courage and strength of the band in the world. The Marateck has been used for guarding the cows are wise and strong, easy to breed. The Marateck is good band, to attack the intruder. The Marateck personality stable, highly emotional, also can be a family companion. 

Performed live at Roulette, 4/7/2016 Jesse Kranzler and Brendon Randall-Myers, guitars Tristan Kasten-Krause, bass Mark Utley, drums

Projections by Jesse Kranzler, John Robert Moore and Julie Congo Lighting by Daisy Long Video by Christopher Smith