Field Recordings #Guitar Works by Jannis Wichmann , BandCamp, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

Jannis Wichmann ia a classical guitarist, sometimes crossing borders between different genres and styles. He composes and produces music and plays live concerts – from romantic music of the 19th century to experimental formats.

Field Recordings #Guitar Works by Jannis Wichmann , BandCamp, 2021 on #neuguitars #blog

Field Recordings #Guitar Works | Jannis Wichmann | classical guitar (

The album “Field Recordings #Guitarworks” is currently being created, in which works by 5 great and partly unknown composers meet recordings of special places and hidden everyday sounds. Each composition is preceded by its own field recording.

The musical arc could not be stretched further by the choice of works alone:
From the dream sequences and states of insomnia in Benjamin Britten’s Nocturnal. To Frangiz Ali-zade’s Fantasia, in which Azerbaijani folk music and Spanish guitar fuse in mutual respect. To the fragile and expressive Méralo by Leni Alexander, to which one can hear that there will be no more beautiful music for her after Ausschwitz. Then the abysmal yet light-footed Tides of a current flowing, in which Vivienne Olive sets a poem by Walt Whitman to music and raises the questions of human existence. The album also includes a tribute to the Japanese kugoka harp by Akira Ifukube, the composer of the first Godzilla films, in which Eastern and Western musical traditions once again join hands.


released December 9, 2021

Guitar/Field Recordings: Jannis Wichmann
Recording/Mixing: Lennart Jäger
Mastering: Gregor Henning
Graphics: Insa Kühlcke-Schmoldt (Káschem Büro).
Photography: Viola Maiwald

The CD project is sponsored by the Claussen-Simon-Stiftung.