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Mississippi native Chris Alford is a creative guitarist and composer who has performed in juke joints as well as concert halls around the country. Equally adept playing bebop, rock, free improvisation or blues, his unique guitar voice has no stylistic bounds, yet retains a distinctive personal approach. He is just as likely to galvanize an audience with peculiar, angular, electric flourishes  as he is to allure with luscious, atmospheric harmonies. An openness to sound and collaboration allows Alford to shape and guide the music in an organic flow.

Joseph Francis Michael Morris (born September 13, 1955) is an American jazz guitarist, bassist, composer, and educator. Morris was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on September 13, 1955. He switched from trumpet to guitar at the age of fourteen.He was self-taught. His interest in jazz began two years later, after attending a John McLaughlin concert and listening to John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Pharoah Sanders recordings. Morris moved to Boston in 1975, “where his unique approach was not initially accepted in the then-prevalent modal jazz scene. Despite this temporary setback, and some time spent playing guitar in Europe, he developed a pivotal collaborative relationship with multi-instrumentalist Lowell Davidson, whose unique sound explorations inspired him to further develop his own original approach to music making”. Morris formed his first trio in 1977.

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Guitar Duos by Joe Morris & Chris Alford, Chris Alford – Mystic Form Records, 2022

released February 2, 2022

Joe Morris -guitar
Chris Alford -guitar
Engineered by Joe Morris June 28th 2021 in Guilford,CT
Mixed by Chris Alford
Mastered by Andrew Weathers