Opal by Maddalena Ghezzi & Francesca Naibo, Bandcamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Maddalena Ghezzi is a London-based singer, composer, improviser and educator. Passionate and curious about using her voice in creative ways, she has been working in the field of jazz, improvised and experimental music since moving to the UK in 2009. Her work draws inspiration from the natural world, literature, visual arts and the socio-political status of our world.  

Maddalena Ghezzi

Francesca Naibo, guitarist from Vittorio Veneto (Italy) based in Milan, is focused on exploring sound in the divergent yet sonically similar fields of free improvisation, contemporary music and classical repertoire. She’s particularly interested in using both the acoustic and the electric nature of her instrument, adventuring from roaring drones till microscopic vibrations

Francesca Naibo

Opal by Maddalena Ghezzi & Francesca Naibo, Bandcamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog

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Opal, inspired by the qualities attributed to the mineral of the same name, is a sonic journey in search for internal clarity.
Abyss is an improvised immersion in the depth of sound, Meadow is an enriching solitary moment surrounded by poppies, Instabile is the struggle for certainty and Confluence is bright crystalline light.

“The melodies are alluring, the atmosphere is intoxicating, and the overall effect is mesmerizing. An interesting, intriguing, and slightly out of the ordinary album – but then, who wants ordinary when you can have the extraordinary!” Sammy Stein

“L’approfondimento tecnico della vocalità fatta dalla Ghezzi guarda con rispetto a quanto è avvenuto nel mondo del canto jazz dopo l’avvento di Jeanne Lee…” “…all’inizio un canone alla chitarra con un canto melodico beato e intrecciato armonicamente con sovrapposizione, poi un’evoluzione libera con vere e proprie decorazioni alla chitarra elettrica e alla fine un canto labile che rinnega le forme precedenti alla
maniera di un Proteo.” Ettore Garzia


released February 22, 2022

Maddalena Ghezzi – voice and composition
Francesca Naibo – guitar, voice and composition

Opal was recorded at Nitön Studio (Laboratorio di Sperimentazione Sonora)
Recording, mixing: Enrico Mangione
Master: Luca Martegani
Released on DēngYuè Records
Artwork Maddalena Ghezzi

Produced by Maddalena Ghezzi and Francesca Naibo