Stimmung by Violent Scenes, Bandcamp, 2019 on #neuguitars #blog

Violent Scenes is the New Greek Theater. Mindful of Euripides and Godard’s lesson, it despices the TV theatrical shows and declares that Tragedy is not violent. Violent Scenes is an attempt at being human.

Stimmung by Violent Scenes, Bandcamp, 2019 on #neuguitars #blog

Stimmung | Violent Scenes (

Being only inside emotional tones, nuances of mood. There’s no man outside feelings, maybe only gods. Sensibility leads man to wish an impossible perfection. It’s almost always a distraction, sometimes prison, rarely a doorway to seek awareness: «A way of finding which arises not so much from a direct seeking as rather from a fleeing» – Heidegger says in “Being and Time”.

After the debut album “Know by Heart” (Angapp, 2017), focused on the divine memory of men, in “Stimmung” (Angapp, 2019) VS talk about solitude, nostalgia, angst and love: three songs where “home” that Cesare Pavese has long sought, seems to be no more armony and balance between moods but just self awareness.

Today man is consumed by work, mental work, knowledge work, screen work, so he has difficulty to listen to himself. Does he still listen to the voice of the body or did his instinct become gray like the mind? Is finding love still the solution? Or would man be content to recognize his “tone”?


released June 14, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Simone Pietroforte and VS in Apulia, Southern Italy. Produced by VS.

Cover: Antonio Stea
Poster: Giorgio Cassano