Pulse Emancipation by A.L. Guillén, Zoar Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #ZoarRecords #ALGuillén

A.L. Guillén is a guitarist, improviser, songwriter, singer and author born in Granada, Spain. Founder of experimental bands Sefronia and Les Rauchen Verboten, his eclectic solo career includes electronic music, improvisation, oblique songwriting, and theremin music plus starting the Gruppo Ungido label and Morada Sónica collective, focused on spiritual experiences through music and arts.

Pulse Emancipation by A.L. Guillén, Zoar Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #ZoarRecords #ALGuillén

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“Pulse Emancipation” is the first part of Matria, a series of works for guitar to celebrate the Sacred, against its extinction in the supervised disciplinary mercantile society; a celebration against the scars of fear that separates us in the present time. “Pulse Emancipation” celebrates dance as sacred intercourse: the Moment where I am myself and everything is myself.

Fusion and love of bodies without distance.
Dance towards the Common from our personal and unique dance.
Dance of the quality of chaotic flight against geometric quantity.

This guitar sings an emancipated individual dance resonating with the pulse of the cycles of the cosmos that inhabits us all. Dance emancipated from the pulse through the pulse.

Dance that cannot be prohibited.


released June 2, 2022

A.L. Guillén: electric guitar.

All tracks composed by A.L Guillén.

Recorded and mixed by A.L. Guillén at La Antena Noética, Almería, Spain, 10/21-02/22.

Mastered at Jorge Haro Studio (Buenos Aires, Madrid)

Artwork by Mara B.Stones

Published by zOaR Music – BMI 2022