IrRational Music 2 by Elliott Sharp, Zoar Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #ZoarRecords #ElliottSharp #E

Elliott Sharp: composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, author, leads Orchestra Carbon, Tectonics and Terraplane with compositional strategies including fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors as well as new techniques for graphic notation to yield work that catalyzes a synesthetic approach to musicmaking as well as functioning as retinal art. 

IrRational Music 2 by Elliott Sharp, Zoar Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #ZoarRecords #ElliottSharp #E

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On this first trip to Japan in 1985, E# performed a number of solo concerts as well as collaborating with Butoh dance troupe Byakko-Sha and a number of Japanese musicians including Chiko Hige and Kaoru Sato.


released June 10, 2022

Recorded in concert in Japan, April 1985:

Studio 200 – Ikebukuro. Engineer – Otomo Yoshihide, 4/12/85

Newz – Roppongi – Engineer – Keisuke Oki, 4/13/85

Strange Fruit – Tsurumake Onsen – Engineer –  Tetsuo Kikawa, 4/22/85

Photograph By – Catherine Ceresole

Equipment: doubleneck guitar/bass into overdrive preamps, bass clarinet w/pickup into fuzzbox, soprano sax, voice.

Dubbed and edited at Fred Frith’s studio

Special thanks to: Taro Chiezo, Gray Matters, Masa Hosojima, Yoshiko Ito, Miho Kawai, Hope Martin, Eileen Muir, Keisuke Oki, Taro Oguro, Donna Rataczak, Shugo Satani, Fred Frith