Fest by Emiliano Milanesi, Bandcamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #EmilianoMilanesi

Emiliano Milanesi. Music composer, guitar player, sonic sailor

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Fest by Emiliano Milanesi, Bandcamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #EmilianoMilanesi

Fest | Emiliano Milanesi (bandcamp.com)

First solo album, written, recorded and produced by Emiliano Milanesi. The work is the story of an imaginary journey in which the intertwining of guitars and bass envelop the listener in spiral sound textures. At each turn the reading plan changes and each idea turns into a new adventure in which the protagonist invents new solutions by carrying out illegal, adventurous, risky and perhaps even questionable actions.

released May 26, 2022

Music by Emiliano Milanesi
Written, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Emiliano Milanesi.

Om on track 6 – Coda by Dharmika School Of Yoga (Teacher Mila Mantovani).

Cover Photo by Emiliano Milanesi shot during a performance in Casesparse art residency in Valcamonica (Italy).

Header Photo by Laura Stramacchia.