FIGURE​/​GROUND electric guitar duos by Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #HenryKaiser #AnthonyPirog

Henry Kaiser (born September 19, 1952) is an American guitarist and composer, known as an idiosyncratic soloist, a sideman, an ethnomusicologist, and a film score composer. Recording and performing prolifically in many styles of music, Kaiser is a fixture on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. He is considered a member of the “second generation” of American free improvisers.

Henry Kaiser Guitar

Anthony Pirog. The guitarist, composer and loops magician is a quiet but ubiquitous force on stages around his hometown. With fearsome chops and a keen ear for odd beauty, Pirog has helped expand the possibilities of jazz, rock and experimentalism in a town long known for its straight-ahead tradition.


Ramble Records is an Independent record label based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in an unapologetically disproportionate amount of guitar-based music (but not limited too) acid folk, avant-folk, psych, free jazz, Indian classical and avant-garde sounds from around the globe. 

FIGURE​/​GROUND electric guitar duos by Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #HenryKaiser #AnthonyPirog

▶︎FIGURE/GROUND electric guitar duos | Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog | Ramble Records (

Figure/ground organisation is a type of perpetual grouping that is a vital necessity for recognition objects through vision. In Gestalt psychology it is known as identifying a figure from the background.

Figure/ground perception can be expanded from visiual perception to include non-visual concepts such as melody/harmony, subject/background and positive/negative space.

The concept of figure and ground fully depends on the observer and not on the item itself. In the typical sonic scenarios people encounter auditory figure and ground signals after overlap in time as well as in frequency content.

In these situations, auditory objects are established by integrating sound components over time, timbre, space, and frequency.


released June 30, 2022

Recorded/improvised/composed/produced by Henry Kaiser and Anthony Pirog February 2021.
Cover painting and art direction: Brandy Gale.