Consider The Source’s entire show live from Relix Studios on 4/26/21 on#neuguitars #blog #ConsiderTheSource

Consider the Source is an American instrumental trio from New York City. Formed in 2004, the group has released six studio albums, four live albums, and one compilation. They have toured extensively across the United States, Israel, Turkey, and Germany Guitarist Gabriel Marin plays a double-neck guitar customized with MIDI pickups and a fretless neck. He employs sweep picking and various synthesized instruments on his guitar which he controls with three pedalboards. Bassist John Ferrara plays a Fodera five-string bass and utilizes slap bass, slide, and tapping. On drums, Jeff Mann plays a range of styles from heavy double-bass to Indian tala rhythms.

Executive Producer: Peter Shapiro Produced by: Jesse Lauter & William Schwerd Directed by: William Schwerd Mixed & Mastered by: Jesse Laute