Tectonics: Solo Beijing by Elliott Sharp, Zoar Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #ZoarRecords #ElliottSharp #E

Elliott Sharp: composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, author, leads Orchestra Carbon, Tectonics and Terraplane with compositional strategies including fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors as well as new techniques for graphic notation to yield work that catalyzes a synesthetic approach to musicmaking as well as functioning as retinal art. 

Tectonics: Solo Beijing by Elliott Sharp, Zoar Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #ZoarRecords #ElliottSharp #E

Tectonics: Solo Beijing | Elliott Sharp (bandcamp.com)

Solo Beijing was first released on CD by KwanYin Records in 2007 and documents a 2006 E# Tectonics concert during his first tour in China.

TECTONICS is a solo program that may be performed on saxophones or guitars, a laptop running MAX/MSP and other DSP applications, plus a variety of external hardware processors. E#’s work with electronics dates back to the late 60’s and has included extended techniques on a variety of instruments, both “traditional” and invented, as well as use of analog synthesizers and processors, and, later, experiments with Music 4 running on a PDP-8.   When the Atari ST first appeared, it was utilized to manipulate samples and MIDI devices using the software M in the Virtual Stance project which later evolved into Tectonics with hardware and software updates.

Solo Beijing – The Wire review, issue 285 by Julian Cowley:
Multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp is, like fellow New Yorker John Zorn, a restless musician working with consistent intensity across a range of musical styles and in unpredictable contexts. His vast discography encompasses earthy blues, avant rock, coruscating string quartets, movie soundtracks, interpretations of Thelonious Monk tunes, electroacoustic investigations and much else besides.


released July 15, 2022

E#: 8-string guitarbass, electronics

Recorded Feb. 25, 2006 by YanJun at the Yugong Yishan club.

Mastered by E# at Studio zOaR

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