Distante Claridade by George Christian, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #GeorgeChristian

George Christian is a Bahian composer and guitarist residing in Salvador (BA). With over 30 titles released, he is a prolific, independent musician with the electric guitar as his main instrument in several instrumental explorations, including written pieces and orchestral arrangements. 

George Christian / GC Sound Artifacts (bandcamp.com)

Distante Claridade by George Christian, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #GeorgeChristian

Distante Claridade | George Christian (bandcamp.com)

«Distante Claridade» is a sound radiography about how the my spiritual life in this second year of the pandemic, as well as a confessional exposition of all my indignation, revolt, fury and melancholy, as well as more luminous and peaceful moments.

Only, instead of words, I explore the strings of my acoustic and electric guitars, those of a double bass, or the keys of a piano (recorded in an earlier period in relation to most tracks, but no less pertinent in terms of sound revolt) . It is an album that is not without very intimate political concerns, exposed more clearly in the titles of each piece, which allude to circumstances that aroused in me a desire to move and to sensitize people. (Anyone who is Brazilian will be able to perceive this more clearly.) However, it is an album permeated with a lot of isolation, but also with acoustics. Silences are more heard here.