Henry Kaiser Monthly Solo # 17 : Interstellar Overdrive + Time Travel on #neuguitars #blog #HenryKaiser

0:00 opener: RIGHT OFF (Miles Davis) 4:23 INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE (Barrett-Waters-Wright-Mason) vs. ТАЙНА ТРЕТЬЕЙ ПЛАНЕТЫ (Kachanov) with Andy West 16:43 THERE ARE DOORS (Kaiser-West) 26:28 MAWSONI (Kaiser) 30:40 A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE aka NOW HERE’S SOMETHING YOU’LL REALLY LIKE 31:21 TIME TRAVEL 35:22 FRED FRITH & HENRY KAISER duo in Santa Cruz, February 4, 1984 55:15 REQUIEM FOR PAUL PLIMLEY (Kaiser) 1:13:08 DUO IMPROVISATION WITH JACK THOMPSON (Kaiser-Thompson) 1:16:44 closer: alternate take of RIGHT OFF (Miles Davis)