turntable drawing no. 16 by Giacomo Fiore and Danny Clay, BandCamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #GiacomoFiore

Italian-born guitarist and musicologist Giacomo Fiore has premiered more than two dozen new works for justly-tuned, electric, and classical guitars, and released several recordings for Populist, Cold Blue, Pinna, Spectropol, Paper Garden Records, and his own impressum. As a scholar his research focuses on U.S. experimental music, intonation, and performance; he has published articles in Music Theory Spectrum, the Journal of the Society for the American Music, and TEMPO, and writes occasionally for Classical Guitar and SFCV. He teaches a wide range of historical and practical music courses at the University of San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz.

turntable drawing no. 16 by Giacomo Fiore and Danny Clay, BandCamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #GiacomoFiore


turntable drawing no. 16 | giacomo fiore and danny clay | Giacomo Fiore (bandcamp.com)

Turntable Drawings is an ongoing series of numbered works by composer Danny Clay and printmaker Jon Fischer based on a growing collection of hand-molded, playable records. Turntable Drawing No. 16 combines three turntables playing locked-groove records with a score for electric guitar featuring looped chordal fragments. The records are encoded with various sounds: some noisy, some melodic, all pretty low in fidelity. After its premiere in June 2017, the work evolved into several distinct versions. Presented here are Danny’s “studio” rendition, consisting of collaged material recorded between September 2018 and April 2020, and Giacomo’s “live” performance, which uses an ad-hoc modular synthesizer patch that loops and processes both record sounds and guitar in real time. Together they offer a pair of perspectives emerging from the same musical framework.


released August 26, 2022

Giacomo Fiore, electric guitars; synthesizer (live version).
Danny Clay, turntables and electronics.
Jon Fischer, handmade records.

Composed Spring 2017 by Danny Clay.
Studio Version recorded September 2018/April 2020, SF, CA.
Live Version recorded November 2020, SF, CA.

Studio Version mixed by Danny Clay.
Live Version mixed by Lanier Sammons.
Mastered by Andrew Weathers.
Artwork & Design by Jon Fischer.

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