Devotional by Heikki Ruokangas and Landon George, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #HeikkiRuokangas

Based in Oulu, Finland, Heikki Ruokangas is an innovative guitarist, composer and improviser. By combining melody and noise, his music ranges from delicate and melodic atmospheres to avant-garde cacophony. He’s performed throughout Europe and, at the age of 33, has already released over 20 collaborative and solo recordings.  

Heikki Ruokangas – Guitarist

Ramble Records is an Independent record label based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in outsider music, guitar music, acid folk, avant-folk, psych, free jazz, Indian classical and avant-garde sounds from around the globe.

Devotional | Heikki Ruokangas and Landon George | Ramble Records (

Devotional by Heikki Ruokangas and Landon George, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #HeikkiRuokangas

Although some may disagree, I believe there is no one, right way to pray. Prayer is something I struggle with honestly. I don’t know who or what to address. I always feel greedy, and weak when I ask for something from some unknown entity. I feel that my faith, is weak.

In the moment however, when stick strikes cymbal, or flesh pulls strings, I find something to hold onto. There is an infinite world at the core of each moment. A timelessness. A singularity.

“Devotional” is the practice of creating those moments. Heikki and I have collected our intention and distilled it through our bodies, into wood and metal, into invisible currents, and finally into this physical archive you now hold in your hand.

Let it hold you, for a moment. That is my prayer. That is freedom.
– Landon George 2022


released September 2, 2022

Heikki Ruokangas – Guitar
Landon George – Drums
Mixed and mastered by Markus Pajakkala
Photos by L. George and H. Ruokangas
Layout by Jaakko Lohiniva