Sympathetic Magic by Kim Myhr, 2022, Hubro on #neuguitars #blog #KimMyhr

Norwegian guitarist and composer Kim Myhr has been touring internationally since the early 2000s and has released several records under his own name. His album You | me (2017) was nominated to Nordic Music Prize, and received wide acclaim internationally.

Kim Myhr | Kim Myhr

Sympathetic Magic by Kim Myhr, 2022, Hubro on #neuguitars #blog #KimMyhr

Sympathetic Magic | Kim Myhr (

Sympathetic Magic is the follow-up to Kim Myhr’s 2017 album You | me, which was widely praised and received an honorary mention at the 2018 Nordic Music Prize. While the immersive warmth of You | me is still present, Sympathetic Magic is more expansive than its predecessor. A band of eight musicians playing a wide variety of instruments including electric 12-string guitars, drum machines, vocals, synthesizers, organs and lots of drums and percussion, has created a work of a grander scale.

The shimmering, oceanic waves of You | me has been traded for cosmic currents in Sympathetic Magic. Put simply, Sympathetic Magic is a collection of song-like structures that has expanded into symphonic proportions. “With You | me, I wanted to create an ocean of sound, where the listener is surrounded by a myriad of elements that has equal importance in the music. I wanted to challenge this a bit, to push certain elements forward. The result is a more song-like kind of music than what I’ve done before.” – Kim Myhr

released August 19, 2022

Kim Myhr: electric 6- and 12-string guitars, organ, bass,
synthesizers, voice, drum machine
Hans Hulbækmo: drum set, percussion
Michaela Antalová: drum set, percussion
Ingar Zach: gran cassa, timpani, percussion, vibrating speakers
Adrian Myhr: bass, additional electric 6- and 12-string
electric guitars
Anja Lauvdal: additional organ and synthesizers
Håvard Volden: additional 6- and 12-string electric guitars
David Stackenäs: additional 6- and 12-string electric guitars

All music composed and produced by Kim Myhr

Guitars, organ, synthesizers, voice recorded at Uffizi Sound, January-June 2021
Drums recorded at Paradiso, Rosenhoff by Kyrre Laastad, August 2021
Additional drums recorded at Norges Musikkhøgskole and Maridalsveien 3, Oslo and Stillverk, Trondheim, February-June 2021
Additional guitars, bass, organ and synth recorded at Flerbruket by Magnus Nergaard, June 2021
Mixed by Kyrre Laastad at Øra Studio Trondheim, September-October 2021
Mastered by Doug Henderson at micro-moose-berlin, December 2021

Photo: Cleo Wächter/Tebbe Schöningh
Design: Aslak Gurholt
Lyrics for “Move The Rolling Sky” by Orfee Schuijt

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