Godspeed You! Black Emperor #Live at Milan Italy, Alcatraz October 4th 2022 on #neuguitars #blog

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Live (excerpts) @Alcatraz, Milano (IT) 04.10.2022 (Video by thebigpecolaman & blackrosethemiss) 00:00 Bosses Hang 14:24 Cliff 32:14 World Police and Friendly Fire

Aidan Girt – sitting drums and standing drums David Bryant – electric guitars, mg-1 Efrim Manuel Menuck – electric guitars, op-1, radios Mauro Pezzente – electric bass Michael Moya – electric guitars Sophie Trudeau – violins and organ Thierry Amar – electric bass and upright bass Timothy Herzog – sitting drums and standing drums, glockenspiel Karl Lemieux and Philippe Leonard – 16mm projections

Many thanks for blackrosethemiss youtube channel for this video.


Done! Thank you!