Alberto Mesirca and Sylvano Bussotti: Complete Music for Guitar, Brilliant Classic, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #SylvanoBussotti #AlbertoMesirca

Alberto Mesirca and Sylvano Bussotti: Complete Music for Guitar, Brilliant Classic, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #SylvanoBussotti #AlbertoMesirca

Bussotti: Complete Music for Guitar – Brilliant Classics

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Sylvano Bussotti was one of the great, inimitable composers of the twentieth century, a giant who left an indelible mark both in contemporary music and in the classical guitar repertoire. A pupil of Luigi Dallapiccola, a dodoecaphonic composer who worked in Florence, he attended the courses of Darmastadt, which at the end of the fifties were a must, together with Luciano Berio, Luigi Nono and others. But his musical research path almost immediately abandoned the reflection on the structure of musical language and its norms.

During his long and brilliant career Bussotti has been able to create musically pages at times very dense, at times sparse, with interspersed notes, between one line and the other of the staves, by mysterious signs and drawings, a cross and delight of several generations of interpreters. .

A musical syntax evidently the result of a creative imagination that never wanted to give up a fertile and complex fantasy.

The main elements of his musical production have been the constant synthetic conception of a theatrical representation, a conception for which the sign designs and the sound emanates its creative energy, and the literary aspect of his production, a continuous and profound exploration of themes, and figures that range throughout history, that highlight the protagonists and events that are sometimes emblematic, sometimes hidden, with a deep and exciting attention to the inner worlds.

This CD presents eight compositions by Bussotti, in an ideal cycle that begins with “Hermafrodito mythological fantasy for guitar” of 1999, created on commission by the German guitarist Hans-Jürgen Gerung (for those who want to learn more Gerung talks about it in depth in my book Visionary Guitars Chatting with Guitarists), “Ultima Rara (pop song)” from 1969, “Giacchì lu tempu rigidu” by Don Ciccio Guëli, “Popolaresca (Based on the Poem by Don Ciccio Guëli)” an unpublished manuscript from the opera Bozzetto Siciliano, “Rara (Eco serologico) “(1964-67), where the guitar begins to become a musical medium between the archaic world and musical modernism, creating new sounds, with almost theatrical ideas,” Tramontana “,” Nuvola Barocca “(2011) and “A piece for Guitar by Toru Takemitsu (For the 60th Birthday of Sylvano Bussotti)“. Bold and innovative musical writings, with pictograms, intersecting staves, darting lines and a sound symbolism that refers to abstract paintings. A writing with signs of such beauty that they give each page all the characteristics of a visual work. A pictographic writing which requires the interpreter to decode new signs and which involves the public with a language that fascinates and questions.

For Bussotti, art is an eternally provocative discipline, always confronted with the obscure sense of being, a darkness in which the artist undertakes to ignite and activate new symbols, and new writings that reintegrate and evolve the already assimilated present.

Alberto Mesirca has managed to create an extensive and interesting collection, which follows the previous work by Sergio Sorrentino, released in 2016, representative of the unique thought expressed by Bussotti. An essential listening for anyone who shares a passion for sounds, ideas and out of the ordinary perspectives.

I believe that there is only one thing that is impossible: uniqueness. I have truly designed unicums countless times, that is, things destined to be performed only once. The first meeting between two individuals perhaps destined to unite for the rest of their lives and always a moment, is always a glance.This glance sometimes falls back into the shadows for years: how many cases of people have come together five, six or ten years after having looked at each other for the first time … But that moment that seems to me more than a parable, just an exquisitely musical theme, is something unique. This something unique, to be so important, would have to combine the most incomparable means. But tell me what kind of organization in the world offers you things that actually cost billions today, to be burned in an instant? But this is the ineffable musical fact. Therefore my utopian project would be this, which I have tried to approach many times. 1

1Sylvano Bussotti Totale Libertà Mudima 2016 pag. 69-70

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