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Roy Montgomery (born 1959) is a composer, guitarist and lecturer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Montgomery’s mostly instrumental solo works have elements of post-rock, lo-fi, folk and avant-garde experimentation. His signature sound might be described as atmospheric or cinematic, often featuring complex layers of chiming, echoing and/or droning guitar phrases. He is currently head of the Environmental management department at Lincoln University in New Zealand. Montgomery has played in several New Zealand bands since 1980, most notably The Pin Group, Dadamah, Dissolve and Hash Jar Tempo. He has also released solo albums on labels including Kranky and Drunken Fish.

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Ba Da Bing Records is an American record label based in Brooklyn, New York. The name is derived from the saying “ba da bing, ba da boom”, common among Italian-Americans, especially in New Jersey. The label was founded in Leonia, New Jersey in 1994 by Ben Goldberg. Goldberg ran the operation from a post office box while taking positions as a publicist for the independent labels Merge and Matador. In 2007, Goldberg moved the label’s base to Brooklyn in the Fort Greene neighborhood. One of the label’s most successful acts is the group Beirut, whose debut album Ba Da Bing released in 2006.

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Camera Melancholia by Roy Montgomery, Ba Da Bing Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #RoyMontgomery #BaDaBingRecords

Camera Melancholia | Roy Montgomery | Ba Da Bing Records (

Roy Montgomery, a pioneer of the NZ underground, believes there is always new sonic terrain to investigate. Camera Melancholia is a double album of instrumental music inspired by and dedicated to Kerry McCarthy (1967-2021) who was Roy’s partner for twenty years and the mother of two children they had together. She died from cancer in early 2021 after first being diagnosed in 2014. Kerry was a professional curator in the area of pictorial collections, particularly around photographic material, and her PhD used the work of Roland Barthes to theorise about the legacies of images associated with Antarctic exploration in the early 20th Century. The cover art for Camera Melancholia was provided by Ronnie van Hout, an Aotearoa New Zealand artist associated with the earliest graphic design work for Flying Nun Records. Ronnie was also a very close and longstanding friend of Kerry. The gatefold album includes the text for ten poems written for and about Kerry.


releases November 25, 2022

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