The Young Gods – Live @ Hellfest 2019 (Full Live HiRes) on #neuguitars #blog #TheYoungGods

The Young Gods are a Swiss industrial rock band from Fribourg, formed in 1985. The original lineup of the band featured singer and guitarist Franz Treichler, sampler player Cesare Pizzi and drummer Frank Bagnoud. For most of their history, the band maintained a trio format with a singer, a sampler player and a drummer, albeit with multiple line-up changes. Treichler is the band’s sole consistent member; the current line-up also features Pizzi and drummer Bernard Trontin. During their career, the band have extensively collaborated with producer Roli Mosimann. The band’s music is largely based on sampling and sound manipulation; the tracks are constructed from various samples, such as distorted guitar riffs and string sections. Their later releases have incorporated elements from ambient and electronic music. Their sample-based approach to rock music influenced numerous musicians such as David Bowie, The Edge and Mike Patton.

A thunderous career spanning 35 years has only built up to the fresh and potent sound these lords of rock are bringing to the table today. THE YOUNG GODS haven’t stopped pushing the limits of sound and built a majestic equilibrium between the raw and the delicate. Few artists can boast having so much impact. Here’s a band that merits the glory of their namesake!

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