Wave: Volume I by Jessica Ackerley, Bandcamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #JessicaAckerley

“As a guitarist and musician, I strive to achieve an auditory dialogue between the bounds of sound quantifying music and its navigation through an emotive landscape of one’s personal experience. I pursue concepts of transcendence above convention, inward contemplation of outer experience, and the struggle of defining one’s authentic-self by disarming projected roles of patriarchal society. By exploring these spheres, I continually develop a hybrid musical language with my instrument; drawing on the influences of Black American Music and avant-garde improvisers, as well as the culture of the thriving New York City rock and noise scenes. This language is expressed across intuitive and designful musical situations, either as a collaborator or soloist. Through the guitar, I continually explore the degrees of separation between natural sound and treated amplification, as well as acoustical noise and conventional melody. Through performance, I attempt to create musical structure between intuition and preconception; engaging listeners through the dualism of spontaneity and composition with each unique encounter I present them.”

Jessica Ackerley

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Wave: Volume I by Jessica Ackerley, Bandcamp, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #JessicaAckerley

Wave: Volume I | Jessica Ackerley (bandcamp.com)

This album was created over the course of a year in Honolulu, Hawai’i (the unceded land of the Kanaka Maoli). Inspired by the ocean, it is my hope that this music will heighten the listener’s daily life by evoking emotions of empathy, connection and compassion to oneself. Specifically using the pulses inspired by the ocean and interpreting these naturally occurring frequencies and rhythms to serve and affect the human body in more emotive ways.

The physical copies of the album have a very limited pressing of 10 unique copies featuring original art by myself with a handmade CD case.The abstract drawings themselves explore the natural color palettes of the ocean, then color matched and recomposed in blended gestures of sketch work inspired by the rhythms of the music. This art will not only act as a translation of the music, but also as a reference therapeutic color, inspired by the lineage of color therapy in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India.


releases November 30, 2022

Guitar, album art, compositions and mixing – Jessica Ackerley
Mastering – Lucas Brode

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