Zeno Baldi – Deepstaria (2019) for electric trio on #neuguitars #blog #FrancescoPalmieri

Zeno Baldi (*1988) – Deepstaria (2019) for electric trio

Lorenzo Colombo | Doepfer Dark Energy II

Robin Michel | Korg MS-10

Francesco Palmieri | e-guitar

«The title refers to a genus of Jellyfish known for its shape-shifting form. Fascinated by this mysterious and ever-changing animal living in the depth of the ocean, I used continuous sound transformation as a principle for the composition. Thanks to external rhythmic inputs (step sequencers and arpeggiators), the performers are able to focus almost exclusively on shaping the timbral characteristics of sound matter (of analogue synths), the form of waves, spanning from sharp spikes to fluid sustained tones.» [Zeno Baldi]

ATTACCA Festival, Ackermannshof, Basel (CH) | June 4th, 2022

Video by Adrian King

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