Five more cds by ECM Records for guitar music on #neuguitars #blog #ECM

These are five cds for guitar music that I reviewed in the last time on my blog . This list is not intended to be considered as a “best of” ECM production.

ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) is an independent record label founded by Manfred Eicher in Munich in 1969. While ECM is best known for jazz music, the label has released a variety of recordings, and ECM’s artists often refuse to acknowledge boundaries between genres. ECM’s motto is “the Most Beautiful Sound Next to Silence”, according to a 1971 review of ECM releases in CODA, a Canadian jazz magazine…

“Only Sky” by David Torn, ECM, 2015

#Review of “Only Sky” by David Torn, ECM, 2015 on #neuguitars #blog #DavidTorn

David Torn’s records are precious gifts that this guitarist with a monumental career releases from time to time. Last work published by the ECM, the excellent Prezens, dated back to 2007, so we had to wait eight years rewarded with this excellent solo record “Only sky”, performed with electric guitar, an electric oud and his precious effects.

The return of “Cloud About Mercury” by David Torn.

The return of “Cloud About Mercury” by David Torn. Thank you ECM! on #neuguitars #blog #DavidTorn

“Cloud About Mercury” presents Tony Levin and Bill Bruford online, the columns of those King Crimson than in 1981 had created the “Discipline” masterpiece that had displaced everyone and proved that it could be done, that you could be virtuous but not boring, innovative but not pedantic, snobby but not unpleasant. “Cloud About Mercury” is even more free, expressive and cheerful. It’s a record that inspires joy and desire to move. It’s a practically perfect record that in more then 30 years has lost nothing of its glaze and its energy.

The return of the oderly nordic cospiracy by Terje Rypdal, Conspiracy, ECM, 2020

The Return of the Orderly Nordic Conspiracy by Terje Rypdal, Conspiracy, ECM, 2020 on #neuguitars #blog #TerjeRypdal

“Rypdal is an innovator who is open to exploration and proves it from the start. After the rock experiences of Bleack House, thanks to the meeting with George Russell he dedicates himself more and more to contemporary music and, through the study with Finn Mortensen, to composition: it is through this path that he comes to publish Q.E.D., one of the highest moments of his career. Rypdal, however, is also the inspiration of that sound that the young Sven Persson was looking for in the mid-eighties, and which finds its clear and unmistakable form with the Chaser trio.”

Luca Vitali, Il Suono del Nord, Auditorium, 2081, pag. 258-259

John Scofield in solo, loneliness and late style 

John Scofield in solo, loneliness and late style on #Neuguitars #blog #JohnScofield

The most gregarious guitarist of all time decides to release an album in solo, at the age of seventy! This album, without title, or perhaps called by his name, could remain a unique case in his history as an improviser: only here, in fact, can he be heard playing in solo an intimate, complex and delicate music. A handful of songs, 13 to be precise, some standards, some traditional ballads, some personal pieces. A kind of musical autobiography. Scofield is one of the last gods of jazz guitar. With a formidable career behind him he has played everything and with anyone, any genre and music, managing to create a style that makes him easily identifiable and unique.

A guitar at the service of the “FOURTH WORLD”: STEVE TIBBETTS

A guitar at the service of the “fourth world”. Steve Tibbetts on #neuguitars #blog #SteveTibbetts

I’ve never talked about Steve Tibbetts here on my blog A serious lack that the recent double-cd anthology easily allows to fill. In 2022, the ECM released “Hellbound Train: An Anthology”. This double cd covers his entire four-decade career with the label, with 27 tracks, neatly divided between acoustic and electric.