HENRY KAISER SHOW #23 – Act I The Weird Stuff: SOLOS on #neuguitars #blog #HenryKaiser

0:00 Larry Pogreba Resonator 1:20 Talk 2:44 EASTWOOD-MRG Baritone Cosey 4:03 Nelson Pink Baritone 9:12 Stefan Sobell 6-string and Stefan Sobell 12-string 12:54 ancient Geoff Gould Modulus Graphite MIDI guitar 16:42 Henry Kaiser Tele partscaster with Skyway trem and True Temperament neck 24:01 Talk about Jordan Belson’s film SAMADHI 25:40 SAMADHI with Michael Spalt Totem Guitar HA 30:59 Steve Klein Custom Electric with True Temperament-fretted neck; with Antarctic underwater video by HK 52:56 FLAVOR BUD LIVING with Henry Kaiser tele partscaster 54:22 DEVIL IN THE DRAIN by Daniel Pinkwater. Alan Beardsell Harp Guitar. 1:01:44 recent Steve Klein Custom Electric 1:08:14 Gibson 355 with H-A pickups 1:13:12 New Complexity Harmonic Master 1:17:15 Alternate take of REQUIEM FOR STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS played on 7 acoustic instruments. Moonstone Doubleneck 6/12-string guitar, Moonstone 6-string bass guitar, Alan Beardsell Harp Guitar, David Gomes 8-string ukulele, Paddy Burgin Doubleneck Weissenborn, Paul Hostetter Kabosy, and Ralph Bown Baritone Guitar. 1:23:52 REQUIEM FOR PAUL PLIMLEY. Verso Musical Instruments Cosmo guitar.

Henry Kaiser (born September 19, 1952) is an American guitarist and composer, known as an idiosyncratic soloist, a sideman, an ethnomusicologist, and a film score composer. Recording and performing prolifically in many styles of music, Kaiser is a fixture on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. He is considered a member of the “second generation” of American free improvisers. Kaiser “has amassed an immense collection of guitars, amplifiers, and effect pedals” to achieve “sonic diversity”. A favorite of his is a Klein electric with Alembic pickups (his favorites), which he uses when traveling. He owns a Dumble. He has been looping since at least 1984 (It’s a Wonderful Life), initially with an MXR digital delay, and later with Lexicon equipment—he sets modulation rates to “either heart or breathing rate, because those are natural healing rhythm rates”. He often uses two delays to provide three different voices. He is also an avid user of a large number of effects pedals including the Hall & Collins Echo unit and a range of fuzzes. Kaiser has listed his essential effects as the Old World 1960 Compressor, Barber Tone Press, Origin Effects Slide Rig, Tech 21 Comptortion, Burns Buzzaround Clones, Tanabe Zenkudo or Dumkudo, Crazy Tube Circuits Starlight, Eventide Pitchfactor, Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer, TC Flashback, Red Panda Particle, and Neunaber Wet Reverb.


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