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Right Brain Records is a nonprofit label that promotes exploration of uncharted musical territories. It’s spontaneously composed and performed, the product of musicians’ unique inner voices and expression. It includes ideas like free improvisation, exploratory jazz, sound art and experimentation, and even some variations of rock and roots music.

Right Brain Records

Gitaristo Futura by Right Brain Records, Right Brain Records, 2023

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The future isn’t what it used to be.

Not long ago, the future was considered an optimistic place where everyone gets along, technology solves all problems and stuff generally keeps improving. Music was one of those things. This album recaptures that spirit. We focus on the most familiar of instruments and ask, where will we go from here?

This compilation includes original instrumental tracks by guitarists from all over the Earth: Austria, Italy, Basque Country, England, Argentina, distant corners of North America as well as Tasmania. Some pieces are electric, some acoustic and others barely recognizable as guitar. A bunch of our contributors are well-established, several have toured internationally, while others are in early stages of their careers.

Two things unite these innovative musicians: they sound uniquely like themselves, and their musical visions help all of us, their listeners, imagine new realities.

Take a listen and ask yourself, is this a future worth waiting for? We think so.

Click on individual song titles to explore stories behind specific artists, as well as links to their own releases on Bandcamp. Consider supporting them too… the future hangs in the balance!


released March 1, 2023

On guitar:

A. Maiah
Aaron Riverwood
Barry Chabala
Chris Williams
Francesca Naibo
Geiger von Muller
Julius Schwing
Matt Benham
Markus W. Schnieder
Nick Vander
Scot Ray
Wes Lunsford

Curated by Scott Schaffer

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