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Artan Buleshkaj, born in Istog (Kosovo) in 1993, is a guitarist and composer based in Ghent (Belgium). He is active in a myriad of projects in and outside of the bubbling music scene of the city, in a broad musical spectrum ranging from pop to (freely) improvised music. Artan studied at the conservatories of Ghent (with Hans van Oost) and Amsterdam (Martijn van Iterson). In addition to his work and ample discography as a sideman, Artan’s current focus is his quartet Anemic Cinema, a volatile unit combining the hard-hitting intensity of metal riffage with the unpredictability of (free) improvisation.

Anemic Cinema – Artan Buleshkaj

Ramble Records is an Independent record label based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in an unapologetically disproportionate amount of guitar-based music (but not limited too) acid folk, avant-folk, psych, free jazz, Indian classical and avant-garde sounds from around the globe. 

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Iconoclasts by Anemic Cinema, Ramble Records, 2022 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #AnemicCinema #ArtanBuleshkaj

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Dial ‘M’ for Metal

For a long time, the jazz community turned a blind eye to the existence of heavy metal. With its propensity for brutality, various occult themes and raging volumes, the genre had to deal with prejudices for years, but things have changed. Contemporary jazz/improvisation heavyweights such as Craig Taborn, Matt Mitchell and Hilmar Jensson have not only expressed their love for heavy metal, but also incorporated some of it into their adventurous music practices.

Not surprisingly, really, as the much maligned genre has expanded into an embarrassment of richness, with bands not only vying for extremity, but also working with striking polymeters, exotic textures, genre-defying dynamics and even some improvisation. Also for Belgian guitarist Artan Buleshkaj, metal is a source of inspiration, and while some of that already seeped into his playing in other bands, Anemic Cinema is where he gives himself free reign.

The band name was taken from a short film by über-Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. Opening track “Oneirophrenia” refers to a dream-like state in which you start to hallucinate from a.o. exhaustion or sensory deprivation. It somehow fits the crushingly heavy music, in which Buleshkaj’s baritone guitar sounds as if he’s throwing thick slabs of meat into a grinder. There’s a massive growl in there that goes well with the unpredictability of the reeds and the surprising nimbleness of De Waele’s playing.


released February 24, 2022

Artan Buleshkaj (baritone guitar, compositions)
Rob Banken (alto saxophone, clarinet)
Steven Delannoye (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)
Matthias de Waele (drums)
Koen Gisen, Studio La Patrie (recording, mix)
Karel de Backer (mastering)
Benoit Vangeel (artwork, layout)

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