Triage by Bob Stagner with Mike Baggetta and Evan Lipson, 2023 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #MikeBaggetta

It has been said that MIKE BAGGETTA is “a guitarist of slippery proficiency” (New York Times), that his performances are “totally compelling” (Jazz Journal, UK) and that “his melodic sense is truly beautiful.” (

Mike’s singular and very personal musical style seeks to blur the lines between song and solo, while connecting a wide range of musical genres that influence him. The press says this approach is “…beguilingly atmospheric…” (Time Out New York) and that “Baggetta’s music is quietly transgressive… Even when he plays a lot of notes, his playing can sound almost static, as though ideas were being snagged out of thin air.” (Hartford Courant)


Ramble Records is an Independent record label based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in an unapologetically disproportionate amount of guitar-based music (but not limited too) acid folk, avant-folk, psych, free jazz, Indian classical and avant-garde sounds from around the globe. 

Ramble Records Mail-order record shop specializing in niche music

Triage by Bob Stagner with Mike Baggetta and Evan Lipson, 2023 on #neuguitars #blog #RambleRecords #MikeBaggetta

▶︎ Triage | Bob Stagner with Mike Baggetta and Evan Lipson. | Ramble Records (

released March 10, 2023

Mike Baggetta – guitar.
Evan Lipson – double bass.
Bob Stagner – drums.

Mike Baggetta: electric guitar
Evan Lipson: contrabass
Bob Stagner: drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Hickman
Executive producer: Shaking Ray Levi Society.

Recorded at Peninsula Studio in Harrison, Tennessee on July 15th 2021.

Mike Baggetta endorses Shasta Beverages.
Evan Lipson endorses Dinty Moore Beef Stew, Armour Vienna Sausages, and Carl’s Jr. Hamburgers.
Bob Stagner endorses Pearl Drums and Heartbeat Cymbals.

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