Wavetable #3 – Elif Yalvaç with Andrew Ostler #Video Thursday, 17 March 2022 Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh on #neuguitars #blog #ElifYalvaç

Born and raised in Turkey, Elif Yalvaç creates music using an array of instruments including guitar, synthesizers, and Game Boy. Her works embrace opposites: microsound glitches and slow builds; celestial beauty and abrasive energy. Her music has received international acclaim including reviews in the Guardian and the Wire Magazine, alongside international invitations especially to Iceland and Norway. She holds an MA degree in Sonic Arts from Istanbul Technical University and delivers workshops on her thesis project: how to create music with chip music instruments. Alongside her solo projects, she collaborates with others extensively, including her experimental rock project Diaries of Destruction and her most recent solo album Green Drift with Expert Sleepers. Endorsed by Arts Council England, Elif is based in the UK with a Global Talent Visa. She currently performs regularly and works on her music releases and teaches electronic and produced music at GSMD, while delivering workshops on her music research around the UK.


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